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If you are interested in joining our prototype test group and have read the requirements,  click the button below to fill out our sign-up form!

Participation Details

Dog Participant Requirements:
We are currently looking for dogs of all ages that are blind or are visually impaired, and are less than 30 lbs. We are looking for the dogs to test our Moondog by wearing it around their normal home environment.

(If your dog is larger than what we are currently looking for, please still let us know that you are interested in testing our larger Moondog bumpers! We will be testing our larger Moondog Bumpers in the near future and will notify you once we are ready.)

You can sign up as many dogs as you would like that fit our requirements. We will send you a Moondog Bumper for each dog that is signed up for free. Then, we will send you a confirmation email to confirm that you have received our Moondog Bumper. After that, the trial will begin! During that time, we will email you a link to our online survey for the product. Once you have tried our product and submitted your survey, you get to keep our prototype product for free as a token of our appreciation!

We also would very much appreciate any photos and/or videos of your dog(s) wearing our product! If you are interested, we will send you a link to where you can send us your favorite photos and videos of your dog with our Moondog Bumper!

Click the link below and fill out our interest form to join our test group!