The Animal Scope's Blind Dog Bumper

This bumper helps blind and visually impaired dogs navigate safely through various indoor and outdoor environments by providing a barrier to protect themselves from injury and teach them where objects are located and how to avoid them.

Who is it for?

Our bumper is for any visually impaired or blind dogs that need extra assistance in navigating their surroundings. This bumper is great for any age of dog and benefits dogs whether they are born blind or have lost their sight due to injury or age. By wearing this bumper, your dog will become empowered and feel confident walking through any environment.

Giving Back Sight
with Tactile Navigation

Our bumper provides blind and visually impaired dogs a safe way to explore their surroundings by using their sense of touch.  It allows dogs to navigate through any environment with confidence and ease as the bumper provides protection from collisions and helps the dog learn where different objects are located, helping them create a mental map of the area. Our technology and design is comfortable and easy to use for both the dogs and their owners.   All you have to do is attach the bumper to your dogs harness and you are all set!

Making Blind Dog Care Affordable

Unlike other blind dog bumper products, our bumper will be high quality without the huge price tag.  We want every blind dog owner and rescue to be able to afford this life-changing device for their dogs.  Our goals are to help save dogs from being euthanized because the emotional and monetary cost of care for blind dogs is too high, and “empawer” senior dogs to live their last few years with dignity and confidence in their homes and outdoors.  All pets should be able to have a good quality of life at all stages of life.

Interested in Testing Our Product?

Do you want to help your blind dog achieve independence and mobility while helping other dogs too? Join our prototype testing group!  We are looking for blind or visually impaired dogs that can help us test and improve our product.  You can take part in improving our blind dog bumper for both your dog and other blind dogs around the world by providing us feedback. We would love to work together with you and dog!