The Moondog Bumper

Compatible with Most Harnessess

With our attachment design, you can use our bumper with many different harness brands or even your dog’s current harness, as long as it includes a neck strap.  This means you do not have to buy an expensive blind dog bumper outfit to give your dog this life-changing technology.

Lightweight and Durable Design

We 3D print our bumpers in PLA plastic, so that they are lightweight, flexible, and are durable.  We want to ensure our bumpers lightweight, so that your dog can walk and explore without feeling encumbered or constrained by our device. Furthermore, our flexible and durable material allows our bumper to undergo hard collisions without breaking.

Easy to Use and Adjust for Your Dog's Needs

All you have to do is slide the neck strap of your dog’s harness into the clips and adjust the angle of the bumper to your dog’s height and needs.  It’s that simple! The clips will maintain the position of the bumper through low to medium impact collisions.  If you ever need to change the position of the bumper, you can simply turn the bumper while its attached to the harness.

Interested in Testing Our Product?

Do you want to help your blind dog achieve independence and mobility while helping other dogs too? We currently need to test our XXS, XS, S, and M sized of bumper. Join our prototype testing group!  We are looking for blind or visually impaired dogs that can help us test and improve our product.  You can take part in improving our blind dog bumper for both your dog and other blind dogs around the world by providing us feedback. We would love to work together with you and dog!