About The Animal Scope

We are a new medical device start-up based in San Diego, CA. The Animal Scope’s goal is to provide affordable and quality medical device products in order to improve the lives of animals around the world.  We are currently in the prototype testing phase of our start-up and are looking for volunteers and visually impaired dogs to test our blind dog bumper product.


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The Inventor

Valerie Porter

Owner and Inventor

Valerie is a senior Biomedical Engineering student at the University of San Diego.  Her goal is to design medical devices for veterinary use in order to improve the lives and medical care of animals around the world.   She is particularly passionate about improving the lives of disabled pets.

My story

The initial idea for the company began during Valerie’s early college years when she decided that she wanted to design and specialize medical equipment for animals.  She had dreams of becoming a biomedical engineer and a veterinarian and combining both disciplines to continue the development of veterinary medicine.

In early 2017, her family dog Chatter began to lose her sight from the development of cataracts in both of her eyes.  Chatter was a 7 pound, 10 year old toy poodle that Valerie had spent many years in her youth training in agility and rally.

When Chatter could no longer see, Valerie’s family bought her a stroller to help protect Chatter from the other two larger dogs in the house from running her over.   However, because Chatter lost access to walking around the house, she began sleeping in her stroller all day long and only exercising to go to the bathroom. We all began to worry that she would develop arthritis.

In order to help Chatter walk around more often and safely, Valerie began to design a bumper that can easily attach to a harness.  This would allow Chatter to safely walk around and explore without her family constantly helping her avoid obstacles.

Chatter was able to move around the backyard under supervision in the original bumper design and quickly learned where obstacles were.  The bumper allowed her to safely bump into objects and learn how to avoid them.  After seeing Chatter’s success, Valerie wanted to help other blind or visually impaired dogs gain mobility again.  She also wanted to help dog rescues have more success in finding homes for blind and senior dogs.  Our bumper can offer some peace of mind to potential dog owners about providing a healthy and safe environment for these dogs.

Thus, in July of 2018, Valerie started The Animal Scope company to help provide low-cost technological solutions for special needs dogs.